Timeline Location – A card type representing a location in the past or future of the Star Trek universe. Time locations may be 'space' or 'planet' locations. A time location is not a mission or spaceline location, but it has a corresponding mission identified by the lore of both cards.

For example, the mission Agricultural Assessment corresponds to the time location Sherman’s Peak; both are located at Sherman’s Planet.

You may not seed or play a time location unless the corresponding spaceline location is in play. A time location is placed by itself on the table, creating its own planet or space location separate from the spacelines. The card may have special instructions to be carried out when it is seeded or played; if you cannot carry out all instructions, you may not seed or play the time location.

Playing a time location uses your normal card play.

Cards that affect the mission, such as Supernova or Black Hole, have no effect on the time location. Cards at the time location are not at the corresponding mission and cannot attempt it. Ships and personnel may travel between the time location and the mission using a card that allows Time Travel.

The cards listed on a time location as “native to this timeline” may be reported directly to the location if it is in play. You may choose to report personnel on the surface of a planet time location, aboard any of your compatible ships or facilities at the time location, or aboard any opponent’s facility there that you are allowed to use (e.g., Deep Space Station K-7). You may report a ship or facility in space at the location (in orbit of a planet). When reported in this manner, you do not need an open doorway, such as an Alternate Universe Door, to allow you to report these Alternate Universe icon cards.

You are not required to have the time location in play to use cards native to that location, or
to report them to that time location if it is in play. They may be reported normally to a facility on the spaceline, or by any other legal reporting method, if you have an open Doorway card which allows 'alternate universe icon' cards to play.