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The goal of this Wiki is to provide Basic through Advanced Level knowledge of the Star Trek Customizable Card Game.

Features will include:

  • An advanced card list featuring every card released as First Edition as well as Lists by Expansion and Expansion Information.
  • Rules for gameplay including errata, clarification, supplements, guides, and tournament variations.
  • Links to a few sites dedicated to the game (Non-commercial).
General Game Information Full Sets and Expansions Sub-Sets and Pre-customized
The Game: History and Future Premiere Edition - Prem
Rules, Guides and Clarifications Alternate Universe - AU
Interactive Core Rulebook Q-Continuum - QC
Interactive Borg Rules Guide (Supplement) Introductory Two-Player Game - 2PG
Stand-Alone Resources First Contact - FC
Decipher Rulebook 1.7 - August 2000 The Fajo Collection - Fajo
Borg Rulebook 1.6 - May 2000 Official Tournament Sealed Deck - OTSD
Glossary 1.9 - November 2011 Deep Space Nine - DS9
Dilemma Resolution Guide Starter Deck II - SD2
Card Icon Reference Enhanced First Contact - EFC
Advanced Cardlists The Dominion - Dom
Advanced Cardlist Blaze Of Glory - BoG
Advanced Spoiler List Rules Of Acquisition - RoA
Foil Card Lists Second Anthology - 2A
Tournament Foils The Trouble With Tribbles - TWT The Trouble With Tribbles Card Game
Blaze Of Glory - Foil Collection Enhanced Premiere - EP
Reflections: The First Five-Year Mission Mirror, Mirror - MM
About The Author of this Wiki Voyager - Voy
Shad Gray The Borg - Borg
Holodeck Adventures - HA
Other Resources The Motion Pictures - TMP
The Continuing Committee All Good Things - AGT
The Enterprise Collection - TEC
Virtual Expansions Promotional Cards and Sets
Referee Rerprints Official Player's Guide - Data Laughing
Identity Crisis (reprints) Warp Pack - warp
More Trouble, More Tribbles - MTMT First Anthology - 1A
Promos of new Virtual Expansion Set Away-Team Pack - AT
U.S.S. Jupiter