Species – For most personnel, their images (and affiliation) indicate their species.

For example, a Federation or Non-Aligned personnel who appears to be human is assumed to be of human species; a Klingon- affiliation personnel who appears to be Klingon is assumed to be Klingon species, etc.

However, a personnel may appear to be one species, while their lore or a Hologram icon indicates they are of another species.

For example., in their lore Roga Danar and Lal, who appear human, are identified as Angosian and android; Riker Will, who appears Bajoran, is identified as human; and Lovok Founder, who appears Romulan, is identified as a changeling.

Holographic personnel are considered to be of “hologram species” regardless of their appearance or lore. The species established by the lore or Hologram icon applies for cards such as Hate Crime. “Terran” personnel are human. Calandra, Hannah Bates, and Lakanta are human. Marouk, Riva, and Vekor are humanoid (not human). (“Humanoid” is not a distinct species.)

A personnel of mixed species is considered to be a member of both species.

For example, Alexander Rozhenko is both human and Klingon. K’mtar, on the other hand, is considered Klingon (because he appears Klingon, and his lore does not state otherwise), even though he is actually Alexander Rozhenko from the future.

Borg and former Borg are considered to be both Borg species and their species of origin. A term such as Klingon usually applies either to affiliation or to species. See affiliation and species