Skills – modifying – Some cards may add, remove, or modify skills.

Removing Skills – When a card, such as Frame of Mind or Impersonate Captive, removes a personnel’s skills, both regular and special skills are removed.

Selecting, Adding, Doubling, and Sharing Skills – When a card allows you to select (e.g., K’chiQ, Lal, Reflection Therapy, Frame of Mind), add (e.g., Vulcan Mindmeld), double (e.g., Ishka), or share (e.g., Interlink Drone) personnel skills, you may select, add, double, or share only regular skills. If a skill is already present in the skills box, the level of that skill is increased; skills not already present in the skills box are conceptually added to the end of the skills box for purposes of cards such as Fightin’ Words.

For example, if Lt. D’Amato (Geology x2, Archaeology) adds Geology with a Classic Tricorder, his skills will be Geology x3, Archaeology; if instead he adds Physics, his skills will be Geology x2, Archaeology, Physics.

Selected or shared features or skills do not exist until you have reported the personnel for duty.

See reporting for duty, skill-sharing

When adding or doubling skills (or replacing one personnel’s skills with another’s, as with Impersonate Captive), skill multipliers are retained. For example, if Sarek mindmelds with Riva, Sarek would have the following skills: Diplomacy x5, Mindmeld. See Vulcan Mindmeld

When selecting skills, you may select a skill only at the x1 level, and when a card requires you to select two or more skills (e.g., Lal), you may not pick the same skill twice. Thus, if Deanna Troi (First Contact) and Sarek were present when Lal was reported, she could gain any two of the following skills: Diplomacy, Empathy, Navigation, or Mindmeld. She could not choose Deanna’s special skill or choose Diplomacy twice, nor could she choose Sarek’s Diplomacy x3. Similarly, K’chiQ can select Diplomacy (but not Diplomacy x2), and Reflection Therapy can replace Diplomacy x2 with Honor (but not Honor x2).

When selecting skills for the Borg Queen, K’chiQ, Frame of Mind, etc., valid choices include any personnel type except ANIMAL and any regular skill that exists in the game.

Currently, the following are all selectable as skills:
CIVILIAN, ENGINEER, MEDICAL, OFFICER, SCIENCE, SECURITY, V.I.P., Anthropology, Acquisition, Archaeology, Astrophysics, Barbering, Biology, Cantankerousness, Computer Skill, Cybernetics, Diplomacy, Empathy, Exobiology, FCA, Geology, Greed, Guramba, Honor, Klingon Intelligence, Law, Leadership, Mindmeld, Miracle Worker, Music, Navigation, Obsidian Order, Orion Syndicate, Physics, Resistance, Section 31, Smuggling, Stellar Cartography, Tal Shiar, Transporter Skill, Treachery, and Youth.

Reselecting Skills – You may re-select the added skill for only one Classic Tricorder, one Classic Medical Tricorder, and one Classic Communicator each turn, regardless of how many copies of each you have in play.

See once per turn

Re-selecting is executing orders and may not interrupt another action (e.g., you may not re-select during a mission attempt).