Skill-Sharing – Some cards, such as the Interlink Drone and the Borg Vinculum, allow your Borg to share skills. (Cards that allow personnel to add skills from other personnel, such as Vulcan Mindmeld or Classic Communicator, do not enable skill-sharing.) All regular skills are shared, including those that do not actually appear in skills boxes, such as the selected skill of the Borg Queen and the classifications of assimilated personnel which have been converted into skills. Sharing skills is not optional.

Example: you have an Away Team on a planet consisting of two Borg:
Bio-med Drone, [Borg Communications icon], Biology,? MEDICAL
Tactical Drone, [Borg Defense icon], SECURITY
and you have a Borg ship orbiting that planet with the following crew:
✶Borg Queen, [Borg Communications icon][Borg Navigation icon][Borg Defense icon], Empathy as “selected” skill Gibson (assimilated), [Borg Defense icon], OFFICER, Navigation x2
Astrogation Drone, [Borg Navigation icon], Navigation, Computer Skill
Guard Drone, [Borg Navigation icon], MEDICAL, ComputerSkill
Interlink Drone, [Borg Communications icon], No regular skills but enables sharing in same hive.

Identify the highest individual level of each different regular skill among all of these Borg. (Special skills may not be shared.) In this example, these skills are Biology, MEDICAL, SECURITY, Empathy, OFFICER, Navigation x2, and Computer Skill. Thus, each of these seven Borg has every one of these skills (not just the Communications icon Borg).

Now suppose the Bio-med Drone is killed. Because there is no longer a Communications icon Borg on the planet, only the five crew members on the ship share skills (they each have Empathy, OFFICER, Navigation x2, Computer Skill, and MEDICAL).

A Borg does not have shared skills until after it reports for duty. Skill-sharing does not work between cloaked or phased ships.