Selections – Many dilemmas and other cards require one or more cards to be selected from a crew or Away Team, from other cards in play, or from your hand. Selections may be random, opponent’s choice, or owner’s choice.

Random selection: When game text specifies that a card is to be chosen by random selection, shuffle together all eligible cards, hold them so the faces of the cards cannot be seen, and let your opponent draw a single card, at random, from this group.

Opponent’s choice: When game text or a rule states that a card is selected by opponent’s choice, your opponent may examine all of your cards in the group fully (look at each entire card) before making the selection, even if only some of them meet specified criteria. For example, when you encounter Impressive Trophies, your opponent may examine all the cards in your crew or Away Team before choosing a captive meeting either of the listed criteria.

See showing your cards, ties

If a selection method is not specified by the card or by a rule, it is the choice of the player who played the card or who encountered the dilemma or Q-icon card. For example, when you play Brain Drain (“Removes all skills and CUNNING from any one personnel...”), you choose the personnel. When you encounter the Tarellian Plague Ship dilemma (which kills your crew “unless MEDICAL ‘beams over’ (discarded) to Tarellians),” you select which MEDICAL to discard.

See dual-personnel cards