First Anthology featured Preview cards for later expansions.


boxed set

  • White Borders (6)
Collector's Storage Box - 800 card capacity
Cards per Box: 6 ( 6 Pv )
Supplements: Rules Booklet

Add-Ons:2 Premiere Starter Decks ( Unlimited Beta )
2 Premiere Expansion Packs ( Unlimited Beta )
2 Alternate Universe Expansion Packs
2 Q-Continuum Expansion Packs
1 Warp Pack

Released in June 2007
Printed by: unknown
Press Sheet: unknown
Edition: unknown

  • Copyright Line - TM & © 1997 PAR. PIC. TM & © 1997 DECIPHER. INC.

Card List Edit

Type Card Title Rarity Border
Icon1Icon1Iconart Artifact Orb Of Prophecy And Change Pv W
Icon1IconcarIconnon Personnel - CAR/NON Garak Pv W
Icon1Icon1Iconfed Personnel - FED Ensign Tuvok Pv W
Icon1IconklingIconfer Personnel - KLG/FER Quark Son Of Keldar Pv W
Icon1Icon1Iconnon Personnel - NON Thomas Paris Pv W
Icon1Icon1Iconrom Personnel - ROM Dr. Telek R'Mor Pv W

Additional FAQ Edit