Regions of Space - Certain mission locations are known to be in the same region of space (as defined in the mission lore). Also, other cards may form locations that belong to a region (e.g., the Alpha Quadrant end of the Bajoran Wormhole creates a location in the Bajor Region). Whenever a regional card is being added to the spaceline, it must be placed (or inserted) next to another location in the same region, if possible.

Some cards, such as ❖ Space, Gaps in Normal Space, Blade of Tkon, and the Q dilemma, allow non-regional locations to be inserted between regional locations. Such inserted cards are not considered to be part of the region (unless specified on the card). Thus, for example, a ship is “in the Neutral Zone” only when it is actually at one of the Neutral Zone mission locations listed below.

The following is a list of all the Regions of Space in the game and the missions that exist for them.

Note: Missions in bold are virtual cards by the Continuing Committee and were not released by Decipher in any expanion or printed form The cards are available for free, for you to print, through their website.

Argolis Cluster Region Salvage Borg Ship
Badlands Region Search and Rescue
Study Badlands
Verify Evidence
Find Hidden Base
Bajor Region Acquire Illicit Explosives
Alter Records
Bajoran Wormhole (Doorway)
Characterize Neutrino Emissions
Refuse Immigration
Relocate Settlers
Briar Patch Region Analyze Radiation
Cardassia Region Kressari Rendezvous
Orb Negotiations
Rescue Prisoners
Delphic Expanse Region Investigate Derelict
Demilitarized Zone Region Intercept Maquis
Search for Weapons
Assist Damaged Vessel
Great Barrier Region Breach Barrier
Nekrit Expanse Region Assist Cooperative
❖ Catalog Phenomena
Neutral Zone Region Covert Installation
Covert Installation II
Iconia Investigation
Ivestigate "Shattered Space"
Patrol Neutral Zone
Investigate Destruction
Seize Freighter
Romulus System Region Cloaked Mission
Sector 001 Region Espionage Mission
Mirror Universe - Badlands Region Search for Rebels
Mirror Universe - Bajor Region Disrupt Alliance