Q’s Tent Sde Deck - Q’s Tent side deck allows you to stockpile up to 13 different cards which you can access during play.

You may stock any card in your Q’s Tent side deck except a Q-icon card (unless allowed by the card). Tactic,
Tribble, and Trouble cards are also not allowed
in your Q's Tent side deck. You may not stock duplicate cards within Q’s Tent.

The Q’s Tent Doorway card activates your Q’s Tent side deck. Q’s Tent doorways are also stocked in your draw deck and may be played at anytime during your turn to access a card in your Q’s Tent (either randomly or selectively, as described on the card).

Cards that must be seeded (such as artifacts) can be placed in your Q’s Tent and brought into your hand, but you will not be able to use them unless you have a way to seed them  (such as Q’s Planet).