The guidebook containing the offer.

General Information Edit

  • Title: Official Players Guide- Star Trek The Next Generation: CCG
  • Author: Ronald Wartow
  • Publisher: Brady Publishing
  • Published: 1995

The Official Player's Guide became out-of-date rapidly after it's release. Covering only Premiere Edition cards, it offered deck building tips and strategies. It's largest contribution to the game was a mail in offer (printed on one of the pages that could be cut out and sent to Decipher) in exchange for a Data Laughing card. Data Laughing was the first Premium card offered by Decipher.

  • Black Border
  • Copyright Line - TM, ©, ® 1995 PARAMOUNT PICTURES.
  • Released in 1995
  • Sealed 1-card pack

Card List Edit

Type Card Title Rarity Border Also found in:
Instant Data Laughing P B 2PG

Additional FAQ Edit