Matching Affiliation – Two cards are of matching affiliation if their affiliation icons are the same.

For example, if you have a Romulan/Cardassian treaty in play, your Cardassians match your Nor, but your Romulan and Non-Aligned cards do not (they are, however, compatible). If a site refers to a matching personnel, it means matching the affiliation of that facility. See loses affiliation

When a Nor or ship is commandeered and its affiliation changes to match one of the commandeering personnel, treat it as though the new affiliation icon were printed on the card.

For example, if you commandeer your opponent’s Cardassian Terok Nor with a Romulan Away Team, it now conceptually has a Romulan icon; your Romulan cards now match the station’s affiliation, while your opponent’s Cardassian cards do not.

A personnel matches a mission’s affiliation if he has one of the affiliation icons printed on the card (or added conceptually by a card such as Bribery or Arandis). A personnel matches a homeworld’s affiliation if he is of the affiliation that belongs to that homeworld.

For example, Cloaked Mission (Romulus) is the Romulan homeworld, but has a Klingon Affiliation icon. Gowron matches the mission’s affiliation (icon), while Tomalak matches the homeworld’s affiliation.