Infiltration icon  –

Infiltration icons

Your personnel who has a diamond shaped  infiltration icon may infiltrate your opponent’s cards, if your opponent is playing that affiliation, in one of two ways:

  • It may report to your opponent’s side of the table, to a compatible facility (regardless of quadrant); or
  • It may report for duty normally, and infiltrate later in the game, during either player’s turn, if present with an opponent’s crew or Away Team compatible with that affiliation.

If your opponent is not playing that affiliation, you may not infiltrate his cards with that personnel.

See playing an affiliation

When your personnel starts infiltrating, its affiliation changes to match that of the infiltration icon and it becomes an infiltrator.

  • The infiltrator is part of your opponent’s crew or Away Team, but is still under your control. For example, your opponent may not treat the infiltrator as “his personnel” to benefit from his hand weapons. (Your infiltrator may not take your equipment into your opponent’s Away Team.)
  • Your opponent may not treat your Infiltrator as an intruder (e.g., his cards cannot initiate battle against your infiltrator, and vice versa). However, you may treat your infiltrator as an intruder for cards such as The Walls Have Ears.
  • Whenever any of the opponent’s personnel present take any action (e.g., beam, attempt a mission, initiate a personnel battle), your infiltrator may choose whether or not to participate (or to contribute to ship staffing requirements). He may also move independently, during your opponent’s turn, by beaming, walking, etc. He may control the opponent’s transporters and SHIELDS long enough to move or beam himself to, from, or between your opponent’s ships, facilities, etc. He may not take any other actions unless specifically allowed by a card.

Your infiltrator stops infiltrating if he is “exposed” during either player’s turn, either voluntarily; by a card such as Caught Red-Handed; by being present with any true or mirror version of the persona he or she is impersonating; or by returning to your own crew or Away Team. When exposed, that personnel reverts to its previous affiliation and is no longer an infiltrator; if aboard the  opponent’s ship or facility, he becomes an intruder. He cannot infiltrate again until after being away from (not present with) all of the opponent’s personnel.

If an incompatibility situation arises where your infiltrator would be placed under house arrest by your opponent, the infiltrator may choose to be exposed instead.