Holographic icon Personnel and Equipment

Icon hologram

Holographic *Holo* personnel and equipment can only exist aboard ships and facilities unless a card such as Holo-projectors allows it to exist elsewhere; they are deactivated if the ship or facility they are aboard does not have a Holodeck they are allowed to use. (A deactivated personnel is disabled; a deactivated Equipment card may not be used in any way.) However, a hologram who is wearing a Mobile Holo-Emitter does not need a Holodeck and is not confined to ships and facilities. If their Emitter is removed when they are not aboard a ship or facility (or on a planet with Holo-projectors), they are erased (discarded).

A hologram is deactivated when reported, and may be activated on the same or a subsequent turn (if aboard a ship or facility with a Holodeck, or wearing a Mobile Holo- Emitter) by any of your “unstopped” personnel present (even another active hologram). If your hologram is later deactivated, it may be reactivated in the same way during one of your subsequent turns (not on the same turn it deactivates).

  • Death and Destruction: When a holographic personnel would normally be killed (or a holographic Equipment card would be destroyed), whether by battle or by a card, they are instead deactivated. (A hologram that is “discarded” or “erased” goes to the discard pile.) If a ship or facility is destroyed, any holographic cards aboard are discarded.
  • Dilemmas: If a dilemma (or other card, such as Escape Pod or Penalty Box) requires a hologram to leave a ship, facility, or planet with Holo-projectors, without immediately boarding another ship or facility, they instead deactivate (unless they are wearing a Mobile Holo-Emitter).
  • Battle: “Holographic safety protocols” normally prevent holograms from killing other personnel. They may stun (but not mortally wound) non-holographic adversaries. If total STRENGTH at the end of a battle is entirely derived from holograms, they may win the battle but may not kill an opposing personnel.
  • Assimilation: Borg do not assimilate (or target for assimilation) holographic personnel. Exclude holographic personnel from any selections for abduction or assimilation.
  • Capturing: A hologram without a Mobile Holo-emitter may be captured if it can be relocated to the opponent’s crew aboard a ship or facility at the same location; otherwise it deactivates because the trap card would remove it from the ship. (A hologram with a Mobile Holo-emitter is captured normally.) See capturing. Except as noted above, holographic personnel should be treated exactly like normal personnel. They do not require any “supervision” from other personnel when staffing ships, attempting missions, etc. Regardless of their appearance or lore, the gameplay species of all holographic personnel is “hologram.” Thus, Sumek may not use a Vulcan Nerve Pinch, nor may Data if a *Holo* icon has been added to him by Holoprogram: 221B Baker Street. Holograms may use game text relating to affiliation. For example, when in *Hir* mode, Iden may use a Hirogen Talon.