Downloading – special download – A card with a special download icon allows you to suspend any play phase action at any time (even during your opponent’s turn) while you download the specified target card and immediately play it. Special downloads may not be used during the seed phase. If the card is played at (or to affect something at) one particular spaceline or timeline location, the special download icon must be at that location. (If it is not possible to play the card according to these rules, then the target card may not be downloaded.)

For example, Arandis may download Jamaharon at any time to nullify a Horga’hn (because that artifact is not specific to any location), but may download it to relocate a male to Risa only if she is at his location. See suspends play

When you use a special download icon to download a hidden agenda card, you must play that card to the table, then immediately activate it and follow its game text (targeting something at the location of the special download icon if applicable). A card with this icon allows a special download only once per game, no matter how many copies of that card you use during the game. On a Personnel card, this icon is defined as a special skill.