Dilemma Side Deck

Your Dilemma side deck is an optional customized side deck of dilemma cards separate from, and in addition to, your normal game deck. It is placed face down on the table, then “opened” during the doorway seed phase by the Dyson Sphere Door card. This Doorway card is placed face up on top of your side deck and counts as one of your seed cards (the face-down cards in the side deck do not count toward the 30/30 rule).

Your Dilemma side deck is stocked with up to 13 dilemma cards. When another card such as Shore Leave allows you download dilemmas into the game, you must select them from here. Unlike the Q's Tent Side Deck (which does not allow for duplicate copies of cards in it), the Dilemma Side Deck allows you to store multiple copies of the same card. Your Dilemma Side Deck also allows you to use it's contents when selecting dilemmas to place under your opponent's just seeded Empok Nor.