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Sealed Pack

  • Away Team is a sealed pack of two cards originally handed out by two Decipher team members at personal appearances. It was later also included in the Scrye August 1998 issue 5.3, and distributed as a mail-in offer from Decipher.
  • Black Borders
  • Copyright Line - TM & © 1998 PAR. PIC. TM & © 1998 DECIPHER INC.
  • Released in May, 1998
  • Standardized 2-card pack

Card List Edit

Type Card Title Rarity Border
Personnel - Bajoran The Emissary P B
Perssonel - Non-Aligned The Traveler P B

Additional FAQ Edit

  • Decipher had two game evangelists who toured to promote the game. They went by the pseudonyms "The Emissary" and "The Traveler". This pack was created to honor them.