Alternate Universe icon

Icon 1e au

You may normally seed or play cards with this icon only if you have an open Doorway or other card which allows such cards to enter play, such as Alternate Universe Door, Space-Time Portal,or the Seal Rift mission. (Using “Devidian Door” to report a card also requires such a Doorway card at the time the reporting function is used.)

Time locations also allow certain cards “native to the timeline” to report there without such a Doorway card. If the card allowing your Alternate Universe icon cards to play is closed or discarded, you may not play additional Alternate Universe icon cards until it is re-opened or replaced. Alternate Universe icon cards already in play or already seeded are unaffected by closed or discarded doorways. If the doorway is closed (or has been discarded) when a legally seeded Alternate Universe icon card is encountered, the Alternate Universe icon card still has its normal effect. However, if an earned Alternate Universe icon artifact goes to your hand, you do need an open doorway to play it later.