One hundred twenty-two cards related to alternate realities or universes: time travelers, alternate timelines, parallel universes, illusory or visionary experiences, surreal worlds and different "phases" of existence. These cards are identified by a special Alternate Universe icon on the card.

  • Black Borders (122)
Expansion Pack
Cards per Pack: 15 ( 11 C, 3 U, 1 R )
Packs per Display: 36
Supplements: Rules & Card List Sheet (available in 6-display case)
Released on 18 December, 1995
Printed by: Carta Mundi, Belgium
Press Sheet: 11x11 C, 11x11 U, 11x11 R
Edition: unknown
  • Copyright Line - TM, ©, ® 1995 PARAMOUNT PICTURES.
  • Copyright Line - TM, ©, ® 1995 PARAMOUNT PICTURES daed si luap. (Paul Rice)

Card List Edit

Type Card Title Rarity Border
Icon1Icon1Iconart Artifact Cryosatellite R B
Icon1Icon1Iconart Artifact Data's Head R B
Icon1Icon1Iconart Artifact Iconian Gateway R B
Icon1Icon1Iconart Artifact Ophidian Cane R B
Icon1Icon1Iconart Artifact Receptacle Stones R B
Icon1Icon1Iconart Artifact Ressikan Flute R B
Icon1Icon1Iconart Artifact Samuel Clemen's Pocketwatch R B
Icon1Icon1Iconmp Dilemma Alien Labyrinth C B
Icon1Icon1Iconmsp Dilemma Cardassian Trap U B
Icon1Icon1Iconmsp Dilemma Coalescent Organism R B
Icon1Icon1Iconms Dilemma Conundrum C B
Icon1Icon1Iconmsp Dilemma Edo Probe U B
Icon1Icon1Iconmsp Dilemma Empathic Echo C B
Icon1Icon1Iconmp Dilemma Ferengi Attack C B
Icon1Icon1Iconmsp Dilemma Frame Of Mind U B
Icon1Icon1Iconmp Dilemma Hidden Entrance C B
Icon1Icon1Iconmp Dilemma Hunter Gangs C B
Icon1Icon1Iconmsp Dilemma Interphasic Plasma Creatures C B
Icon1Icon1Iconmp Dilemma Malfunctioning Door C B
Icon1Icon1Iconms Dilemma Maman Picard U B
Icon1Icon1Iconmsp Dilemma Outpost Raid C B
Icon1Icon1Iconmp Dilemma Parallel Romance U B
Icon1Icon1Iconmp Dilemma Punishment Zone C B
Icon1Icon1Iconms Dilemma Quantum Singularity Lifeforms U B
Icon1Icon1Iconms Dilemma Rascals U B
Icon1Icon1Iconmp Dilemma Royale Casino: Blackjack U B
Icon1Icon1Iconmp Dilemma The Gatherers C B
Icon1Icon1Iconmsp Dilemma The Higher... The Fewer U B
Icon1Icon1Iconmsp Dilemma Thought Fire C B
Icon1Icon1Iconmp Dilemma Worshiper C B
Icon1Icon1Iconmp Dilemma Zaldan U B
Icon1Icon1Icondoor Doorway Alternate Universe Doorway C B
Icon1Icon1Icondoor Doorway Devidian Door R B
Icon1Icon1Iconequip Equipment Echo Papa 607 Killer Drone R B
Icon1Icon1Iconequip Equipment I.P. Scanner C B
Icon1Icon1Iconevent Event Baryon Buildup C B
Icon1Icon1Iconevent Event Captain's Log U B
Icon1Icon1Iconevent Event Engage Shuttle Operations U B
Icon1Icon1Iconevent Event Interrogation R B
Icon1Icon1Iconevent Event Intruder Force Field U B
Icon1Icon1Iconevent Event Klim Dokachin U B
Icon1Icon1Iconevent Event Lower Decks U B
Icon1Icon1Iconevent Event Mot's Advice U B
Icon1Icon1Iconevent Event Particle Scattering Field C B
Icon1Icon1Iconevent Event Revolving Door R B
Icon1Icon1Iconevent Event Rishon Uxbridge C B
Icon1Icon1Iconevent Event The Charybdis U B
Icon1Icon1Iconevent Event The Mask Of Korgano C B
Icon1Icon1Iconevent Event Thermal Deflectors U B
Icon1Icon1Iconevent Event Wartime Conditions R B
Icon1Icon1Iconevent Event Yellow Alert C B
Icon1Icon1Iconneut Facility - Outpost Neutral Outpost C B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Anti-Matter Spread C B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Barclay's Transporter Phobia U B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Brain Drain U B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Countermanda C B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Dead In Bed U B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Destroy Radioactive Garbage Scow C B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Devidian Foragers C B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Eyes In The Dark C B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Fire Sculptor C B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Hail C B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Howard Heirloom Candle C B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Humuhumunukunukuapua'a C B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Incoming Message: Attack Authorization U B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Isabella U B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Jamaharon C B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Kevin Uxbridge: Convergence C B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt LaForge Maneuver U B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Latinum Payoff C B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Phaser Burns C B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Rescue Captives U B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Romulan Ambush U B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Security Sacrifice C B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Seize Wesley R B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Senior Staff Meeting U B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Temporal Narcosis U B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Thine Own Self C B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Vorgon Raiders R B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Vulcan Nerve Pinch C B
Icon1Icon1Iconint Interrupt Wolf U B
Icon1Icon1Iconmp Mission Brute Force R B
Icon1Icon1Iconms Mission Compromised Mission R B
Icon1Icon1Iconmp Mission Diplomatic Conference R B
Icon1Icon1Iconms Mission FGC-47 Research R B
Icon1Icon1Iconms Mission Fissure Research R B
Icon1Icon1Iconmp Mission Qualor II Rendezvous U B
Icon1Icon1Iconms Mission Quash Conspiracy R B
Icon1Icon1Iconmp Mission Reunion R B
Icon1Icon1Iconmp Mission Risa Shore Leave R B
Icon1Icon1Iconms Mission Warped Space R B
Icon1Icon1Iconfed Personnel - FED Beverly Picard R B
Icon1Icon1Iconfed Personnel - FED Ian Andrew Troi R B
Icon1Icon1Iconfed Personnel - FED Jack Crusher R B
Icon1Icon1Iconfed Personnel - FED Lt. (j. g.) Picard U B
Icon1Icon1Iconfed Personnel - FED Montgomery Scott C B
Icon1Icon1Iconfed Personnel - FED Paul Rice U B
Icon1Icon1Iconfed Personnel - FED Rachel Garrett R B
Icon1Icon1Iconfed Personnel - FED Richard Castillo U B
Icon1Icon1Iconfed Personnel - FED Tasha Yar - Alternate R B
Icon1Icon1Iconkling Personnel - KLG Governor Worf R B
Icon1Icon1Iconkling Personnel - KLG K'mtar R B
Icon1Icon1Iconkling Personnel - KLG Targ C B
Icon1Icon1Iconnon Personnel - NON Ajur U B
Icon1Icon1Iconnon Personnel - NON Berlingoff Rasmussen R B
Icon1Icon1Iconnon Personnel - NON Boratus U B
Icon1Icon1Iconnon Personnel - NON Dathon R B
Icon1Icon1Iconnon Personnel - NON Lakanta U B
Icon1Icon1Iconnon Personnel - NON Maques U B
Icon1Icon1Iconnon Personnel - NON Mickey D. U B
Icon1Icon1Iconrom Personnel - ROM Commander Tomalak R B
Icon1Icon1Iconrom Personnel - ROM D'Tan U B
Icon1IconromIconfed Personnel - ROM/FED Major Rakal R B
Icon1IconromIconfed Personnel - ROM/FED Stefan DeSeve R B
Icon1Icon1Iconfed Ship - FED Future Enterprise UR B
Icon1Icon1Iconfed Ship - FED U.S.S. Enterprice-C R B
Icon1Icon1Iconkling Ship - KLG I.K.C. Fek'lhr R B
Icon1Icon1Iconkling Ship - KLG I.K.C. K'Ratak C B
Icon1Icon1Iconnon Ship - NON Edo Vessel R B
Icon1Icon1Iconnon Ship - NON Gomtuu R B
Icon1Icon1Iconnon Ship - NON Tama U B
Icon1Icon1Iconrom Ship - ROM Decius R B

Additional FAQ Edit

  • Introduced the following to gameplay: Persona (alternate version of a personnel; with different affiliation, skills and/or classification).
  • Added the following card type: Doorway.
  • Added the following affiliation: Neutral (in the form of an Outpost).
  • Added the following icon: Alternate Universe icon.
  • Berlingoff Rasmussen - The actor who played Rasmussen, Matt Frewer, also played Max Headroom, Coke spokesman and short-lived TV series star. On Rasmussen's sweater, you can make out the letters M, A, and X, a reference to Frewer's previous role.
  • Interphasic Plasma Creatures - In the corner of the computer screen, you can read: "DANSWERMAN@DECIPHER.COM." This is the former email account of, Decipher's Star Trek: CCG question-and-answer entity.
  • Paul Rice - Next to the copyright line on the side of the card, "Paul is dead" is written backwards, a reference to many Beatles' albums that, when played backwards, supposedly said "Paul is dead." Ironically, the character Paul Rice was dead in the episode. The image on the card is a holographic re-creation of Paul.
  • Phaser Burns - The person in this picture is wearing a patch on his arm showing the name "Dan Burns." Dan was Decipher's art director and the man responsible for the incredibly high quality of the images on their cards. In his modesty, however, Dan made the patch so small that it is barely legible!
  • Rascals - The label above the entrance to the Jefferies Tube reads "You must be this high to ride this ride," a reference to such signs at theme parks. (The crew on Star Trek: The Next Generation also put a lot of gag signs like this around the ship, although this particular sign was created by Decipher's art department.)
  • Royal Casino: Blackjack - The poker chip on the left bears the number "253," a reference to Decipher's 253 Granby Street address (now 259!).
  • Senior Staff Meeting - the lore's "... solutions to paramount problems" is a reference to Decipher's difficulty negotiating the license renewal with Paramount Pictures at the time.
  • Yellow Alert - The number "07734" appears in corner of screen. If you look at that number upside down (especially on a calculator), it says "hello."