affiliation and species

Cards that affect “Klingons”, “Romulans,” etc. apply to personnel of that affiliation as well as that species (including hybrids). Thus, Worf, K’Ehleyr, and Quark Son of Keldar (in Klingon mode) all are Klingons for Klingon Death Yell. Ba’el and Simon Tarses are Romulans for D’Tan’s INTEGRITY enhancement. Miles O’Brien (Fajo Collection) will not work with Garak (in either mode), Dukat, or Evek.

A “non-Klingon” personnel is neither Klingon by species nor Klingon affiliation. Espionage cards and cards that refer to an affiliation by its icon (such as Kira Nerys) refer only to affiliation, not to species.