affiliation and ship origin

Some cards, such as tactics, affect “Klingon ships,” “Romulan ships,” etc. These cards apply to ships currently holding that affiliation as well as ships that “originated” with that affiliation. A ship’s class or lore may indicate that its origin is different from its affiliation.

For example, the B’Rel, a Ferengi-affiliation ship identified in its lore as a “Klingon Bird-of-Prey,” is both a
Klingon ship and a Ferengi ship. The Cha’Joh is a multi-affiliation (Romulan/Klingon) ship of Klingon origin (“Bird-of-Prey”); thus, it is a Klingon ship regardless of its current affiliation mode, but a Romulan ship only in Romulan affiliation mode. A Romulan ship commandeered by Klingons is both a Romulan ship and a Klingon ship. The Naprem (K’Vort-class “Bird-of-Prey”) is of Klingon origin; the Stolen Attack Ship (“Jem’Hadar attack ship”) is of Dominion origin.