actions – group – An action may cause other actions to occur within itself.

For example, a personnel battle includes sub- actions of creating a combat pile, individual personal combat engagements, determining the winner of the battle, and discarding killed cards. An action in place of your normal card play, in place of a card draw, etc. may also consist of several sub-actions (such as playing multiple cards under Red Alert!). This is called a group action, and until it has finished, neither player may initiate any other actions except actions that suspend play, or responses to the group action or a sub-action. Valid responses may be made to each subaction of a group action. For example, when a ship is reporting with crew, a player may choose to play an Energy Vortex on the ship, or on a specific personnel being reported. Likewise, you may play Android Headlock or use Hypospray’s text in response to a specific combat pairing.