actions – “just” – Some actions may be initiated only just after some other action or condition has occurred, before anything else can intervene (except another “just” action).

These are typically indicated by the word “just” in game text. It may be a response to another action (e.g., “just initiated,” “just played”), or it may be a new action that follows the result of the other action (e.g., “just completed,” “just reported”). An action may be responded to or followed by any number of applicable “just” actions. “Just” actions always take place before non- “just” actions. This may allow or require you to initiate an action when it would otherwise be your opponent’s turn to do so.

For example, you initiate a planet mission attempt and solve the mission. Although it is normally your opponent’s turn to initiate the next action, you may first play Particle Fountain  (“play...on just completed planet mission”).